Envelo was created out of respect for clean design, modern convenience and quality craftsmanship. We exist for homebuyers who simply do not believe they should have to go through hundreds of steps and thousands of decisions to purchase a home that works for them and their lifestyle.

Through an entirely unique approach that combines award-winning architecture, interior design and quality construction, we create and curate homes that help people live better lives. And we make it incredibly easy, affordable and fun.

Architect Designed

Every inch of an Envelo home is designed by the award-winning team at Ascher Davis Architects. Ascher Davis pulls from its 20-plus years of residential design expertise to create and curate homes by incorporating all architectural details, lighting and furnishings as integral parts of the overall design from day one. We make unparalleled spaces and experiences for contemporary living. Nothing is an afterthought – plans are thoroughly conceived and executed before the first day of construction.

The marriage of architecture and interiors is a delicate balance. When harmonious, it can elevate the way you live.”

Rebecca Ascher

Hand Curated

We seek out products and features that are unique, beautiful and useful additions to how you live. From tiles to textiles and everywhere in between, we curate just the right items for you, your style and your needs; we opt for timeless choices over trendy design.

Master Built

Envelo homes are built by homebuilders with a unique understanding of the local vernacular. Alongside structural engineers, landscape architects and the Ascher Davis team, our builders deliver the highest quality materials, process and techniques available. The attention to detail is visible at every turn.

Location Focused

We seek out properties that deliver incredible value for buyers. By balancing opportunity with accessibility, we select sites that have proved themselves to be smart investments for buyers, time and again.

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